All About Ultrasonic Devices and Why They Don't Work Against Virginia Skunks

If you are looking for a DIY solution on your Norfolk skunk infestation, you will most probably stumble upon hundreds of repellents and machine deterrents. Every manufacturer claims that their product will be effective in deterring the infestation of the nuisance creatures and pests. Perhaps one of the most convenient deterrents would be the ultrasonic repellent. According to the manufacturers, this product will release a high pitch sound that the human ear cannot discern but will be audible to the pests. This will disturb their senses and encourage them to leave your property.

The Truth behind the Ultrasonic Skunk Repellent

If you analyze the packaging of the product carefully, you will notice how these Virginia products are not supported by scientific studies. The only thing you can find in the packaging is how to power-up the device and how it is supposed to release the high-pitch sound. Nonetheless, there is no way to verify the efficacy of this device.

Why They Don't Work

The idea of using ultrasonic sound is actually a valid concept. Unfortunately, this kind of Virginia technology is not yet commercially available. The products sold in the market are somehow lacking in features and power. High-pitched sound will only be able to affect the behavior of the skunks when it is administered in a very particular manner. Sad to say that this kind of technology will take time before it becomes available in the market.

There is a particular study that shows that the Norfolk ultrasonic repellent will have a minor effect on the behavior of the pest insects but not on wildlife creatures such as skunks. Nonetheless, according to the study conducted by the US DOA, the effectiveness has a tendency to wear off after a short time. This means that the insects can adapt on this disturbing noise. In a separate study that was performed last 2015 by the UniverNorfolk of Arizona, these machine deterrents are not effective in deterring pest problem. This is despite of the fact that there is a sudden increase in the numbers of ultrasonic repellents available in the market.

To warn the consumers against the wrong claims of the manufacturers the FTC released a guideline and warned the manufacturers that are marketing their product in an unbelievable manner. In fact, they even filed a complaint against some manufacturers who failed to follow the policy. Consumer Reports also notified the consumers and they recommended avoiding these products.

Solution for Your Skunk Infestation Problem

A better solution for you Virginia skunk infestation problem is to use trapping and exclusion devices to get them out of your property. You should also consider using preventative measures that will enable you to avoid this situation. Consider seeking the help of the experts that will provide you with customized solution to your infestation problem.

Skunk infestation is a serious matter and you should not invest your Norfolk money on a solution that will not work. There is no such thing as a one-stop solution for your wildlife infestation issue.

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